fads are in caps.

General YTMND - The scene that started it all. - YTMND, muppets style - History of PTKFGS, "Punch The Keys For God Sakes". The short lived YTMND parallel universe. - A good review of the pre-2005 YTMND fads. - Muppets. (well, not now.. hope it will be restored at some point.) - Cheers theme + YTMND stars. - Scene from PeeWee's Big Adventure. - YTMND, the soundtrack. - 12 days of Christmas, YTMND fad style. - Classic Dire Straits video, YTMND style. - Emos are a YTMND fad. - Resevoir Dogs intro, with YTMND fad stars.


CAKE SONG - The original, the source of the fad. Stephanie singing the Cake Song. - Picard loves the Cake Song. - Cake Song with an NEDM finish. - Raiders of the Lost Ark is terrorized by Stephanie.

SEAN CONNERY - Connery fails at Duck Hunt. - Connery the badass.

STAR TREK - Riker likes YTMND. - ST:TNG Jordy tries to teach Worf how to pronounce "Baracuda" - ST:TNG Picard has trouble with the central computer. - Riker, Picard and Data, night at the roxbury style. - Picard ahha style. - ST:TOS + Lincoln "He just kept talking and talking in one incredibly unbroken sentence, moving from topic to topic.... quite hypnotic" - ST:V "Row your boat" scene + Cake Song. - Riker is disappointed at Shatner ridiculing fans at ST conference. - Riker is disappointed at up and coming YTMNDs. - YTMND on the bridge main viewer. - ST:V final scene; Where is your god now fad. - Picard's dramatic "The line must be drawn heeah!" - Data deals with a "Blue Screen of Death" + "having a wonderful time" music.

CHOCOLATE CITY - Riker visits chocolate city in Holodeck. - Willie Wonka style.

KHAN (Star Trek 2) - Khan finds Waldo. - Khan has cybersex. - Khan tries to upload a YTMND.

JESUS - Jesus the role playing game. - ditto, second part. - Another take on RPG, with the appropriate "Our god is an awesome god.. " song. - Jesus, lol RPG: The Last Temptation - Jesus' short water polo career


NEDM - Wonka clip with an NEDM ending. - Happy Cat beats up some YTMND fads. - Terminator 2, NEDM style. - Happy Cat's facial expressions don't change, theme. - Stephanie of the Cake Song is chased by Happy Cat. - Happy Cat makes a disturbing phone call. - Charles Manson, NEDM style. - NEDM fans bake a cake. - "Tighten up those graphics" + NEDM finish.

COSBY - Various Cosby audio clips. - Cosby + Mortal Combat. - Cosby, the customer service agent. - Cowboy Bebop parody. - What if Cosby hosted Jeopardy? - Cosby, the rap artist.

TOM CRUISE - Cruise has sex with Ron Hubbard. - Scientology history. - "the boy needs therapy" music/theme.

Movies - Great Neverending story spoof. - Cast Away scene.

Weird stuff - Long rant about Religion and politics.

DARTH VADER - Vader sings the Cake Song. - Vader sings the 80s classics. - Vader + "Having a wonderful time" theme. - Baby Vader sings to Jesus. - hahaha, nothing to say. - Star Wars gang tries a cheat code in Sonic. - Vader on Wheel of Fortune, NOOOOOOOOOO!

MISC - Real Wolf Blitzer screw up on CNN. - Any Doom fans will get a kick out of this one. - Excellent, "60 Minutes" spoof. - AOL user tries to cancel his account. - Conan O'Brien. - Adam Corola vs. Ann Coulter. - "24" spoof

HE-MAN - He-Man coloring book + Aha "Take on me" video. - "That boy needs therapy" sound. - He-Man coloring book + COSBY.



LOL, INTERNET / RONALD MCDONALD - The original "lol, Internet", great music. - Ronald chases after McFly. BTTF II video. - A Picard adaptation to "lol, internet" - Behold, Voyager's final transmission to Earth. - Revisionist "lol, Internet." More of the song can be heard on this one. - Heavy metal Ronald. - Mean Ronald. - Ronald robs a store to pay for expensive gasoline.

THE KING (Burger King mascot) / WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW? - The King goes hunting. - The King hangs Ronald from a tree. - The King's rude awakening.

BTTF (Back to the Future) - Final scene from BTTF. - Biff's "Since when did you become the physical type" - Doc Browns' Dubya theory is dead on. - Marty + "Sees Beauty" fad/music. - BTTF + TIME TRAVELER fad.

SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED / TIME TRAVELER / PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT - The original - enhanced - Safety not guaranteed in Egypt. - Safety still not guaranteed in 2030 - Captain Planet is time traveler. - Time Traveler makes it to medieval times.

DUBYA/POLEND - Hussein, Bin Ladin and Dubya memories. - Dubya consoling Katrina victims. Music is from Family Guy. - Adaptation of the "picardsong" YTMND. - A good example of the "Polend" fad. - YTMND fan calls Dells tech support to complain about Polend

ARNOLD - hilarious Arnold impression

300TMND - the fads based on the 2007 movie, "300" - What if leunidas was interrupted with a phone call. - the 'what is your profession' 300 scene with jim carey. - a blooper reel - "Dinner in hell" = McDonalds, love the spoiler warning at the top. - name says it all - a 300 twist on the Timmy addresses congress fad. - racial reference. - Spartan education isn't so good - last thing spartan enemies see before dying - ¬°Esto es Espartaaaa! - Deleted Scene #14, a Bill & Ted's Excellent adventure ref. - How it would be if it were set in the present. - 300 meets Monty Python's "The Window" skit. - Leonidas points out his hometown on Google Earth.