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More and more companies everyday are realizing that web-based training for employees, partners, or clients can be more efficient and effective than traditional means of training. Hands-on methods of training can include expenses such as salaried employees, travel expenses, and document reproduction, all of which could be permanently alleviated through the implementation of online training.

Much like Intranets, online training programs are 100% flexible and can be anything you want them to be. TrueStep can help you convert existing offline training program into new online training programs or we can help you build a program from scratch.

TrueStep can incorporate streaming audio, video, and interactive games to make your online training program more personal and enjoyable. Any information about that user and about their experiences within the training program could be stored in a database and utilized each time they return to the program. The website could then let the user know which sections they have already completed, what their previous test scores were, what test questions they missed, where they can find the correct answer, which sections they have yet to complete, and anything else that may be helpful to the user’s overall experience. The database will also help you to expose various patterns in your training program. For example, you may realize that 60% of individuals missed a certain test question, because it was written clearly enough in the training materials.

We also can easily convert an online training program into an interactive CD-ROMs for cases in which access to the Internet or bandwidth is an issue.

Web/Media Hybrid
In a hybrid solution, an interactive CD-ROM or DVD can be used in conjunction with web-based training. Multimedia features such as audio and video that may require more bandwidth would be placed on the CD-ROM or DVD, while any features that require user feedback or need to be stored in a database, would be web-based.