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Intranets were created to do three things: increase communication, increase productivity, and decrease company overhead by saving on paper supplies and printing. If building an intranet cannot help you in any of these three areas than there is no point in designing one. However, if you’re like many companies, an intranet could be one of the best things to ever happen to your business.

TrueStep's Solution
TrueStep’s custom-designed, small to medium-sized corporate intranets are capable of bundling all of your various business applications into one, easy-to-use package that is accessed from you web browser. The bottom line with intranets is that they are designed to fulfill a need and can be just about anything you would like them to be.

When most people hear the words “custom-designed” they often think “expensive”, however, this is most definitely not the case here. We are able to provide affordable customized solutions by using non-proprietary products that allow us to add and remove features as needed and design a user interface using your corporate image. In other words, creating the user interface is no more difficult than building a web page. Most groupware products used for intranets, on the other hand, cost thousand of dollars and usually don’t have all of the features your business needs.

So what can an intranet do for your business? E-mail, task management, calendars, file management, and data/document storage are a few basic intranet features. In addition, specific applications from all departments can also be converged into your intranet. Here are just a few examples of the countless number of applications that each department in your business could utilize from your intranet. To learn more about how different departments can utilize the intranet, click here.

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